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Craig Wright Is Not Officially Recognized as Satoshi Nakamoto

Craig Wright’s obsession with Satoshi Nakamoto is known the world over, and he has been making claims of being the original creator of Bitcoin for quite some time now. But, whatever shard of evidence he has provided to back himself as the original creator has been debunked almost immediately. However, his latest antics of copywriting the original Bitcoin whitepaper has brought him to the center of attention again.

There were several reports from leading media houses that the US Copywrite office has granted him the copyright. The Copyright Office has finally issued a Press Release to provide clarity over the matter. The press release states,

“The Copyright Office does not have an opposition procedure for copyright registrations, such as the procedures available at the Patent and Trademark Office for patents and trademark registrations. Disputes over the claims in registration may be heard before federal courts, including disputes over the authorship of a work. Someone who intentionally includes false information in an application may be subject to penalties.”

The US Copyright office noted that the case of Bitcoin whitepaper where the author has used a fictitious name, which is quite common in literature, the office does not really do the verification part.

“In a case in which a work is registered under a pseudonym, the Copyright Office does not investigate whether there is a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author.”

Craig Wright Sues Peter McCormack For Challenging His Claims

Peter McCormack had challenged Wright over his claims on the Bitcoin Whitepaper and has challenged to fight him in court till he proves that Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Wright in return sued McCormack on May 2nd for defamation and has sought a penalty as well as an apology. The details were not made public as the matter is still under jurisdiction.

Peter McCormack has been served a new deadline of May 24th under UK laws. McCormack tweeted about it saying,

“Craig Wright…I have spoken with two of the top legal firms in the world this morning. I will instruct one within a week. Let’s go get this motherf**ker!”