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Craig Wright Goes On a Ranting Spree Against Binance And John McAfee

Craig Wright, the lead developer at Nchain and the man behind the BSV network has been on a ranting spree against Binance and John McAfee. The main reason behind the rant is the recent delisting of BSV by Binance which led to many other service providers doing the same. So, the rant against Binance is quite obvious, but Wright also called McAfee a conman and that could be because of McAfee tweeted that he knows the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto and it’s definitely not Craig Wright.

Craig Wright’s persistent efforts to prove that he is the pseudo-anonymous creator of Bitcoin hasn’t gone done well with many, which also earned him the nickname Faketoshi. The man has been called a serial liar, fabricator, and even a scammer because of his antics, but that does not seem to deter him a bit and he still maintains that he created Bitcoin, even though all his fabricated proofs have been debunked numerous times.

What Led to the Wright’s Latest Rant?

Craig Wright does not hold a very healthy reputation in the decentralized space mainly due to his Satoshi claims. However, things got heated up when Wright’s attorney started to send lawsuit threatening letters to those who have called him for his lies. This bully behavior did not go down well with many in the crypto space. In order to teach Craig a lesson, Binance came out to announce that they will be delisting BSV token from all its services and even urged others to follow the same.

Many other service providers like Kraken and Shapeshift followed the delisting saga. So, it is obvious that Wright is on a ranting spree against Binance calling it a money laundering bucket, and claiming that Jhon McAfee along with Binance is running a crypto mafia of their own. However, given the track record of Wright, not many would pay heed to his rant apart from a few followers of his.

Wright has lost all credibility all thanks to his continuous lies and changing statements, even though he was among the earliest birds in the crypto space. The man has changed his stance on Bitcoin itself where he has claimed that Bitcoin is not even crypto and it was never intended to work against the establishment.