Binance CEO Replies Craig Wright

Craig Wright Gets a Curt Reply from Binance CEO over Appalling Allegations

Craig Wright has always been persistent with his claims of being the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. The self-proclaimed bitcoin creator has accused Binance of being involved in prostitution and human trafficking. He accused Bitfinex and Tether of the same crimes.

In a recent BSV Conference, Wright said –

“Right now Illegal operations pumping money in Tether and Binance. Illegal use of people smuggling. Right now 30% of Binance money funds women in prostitution.”

It was lately brought to the Binance CEO by Max Keizer and Peter McCormack. Nonetheless, CZ was calm and perhaps gave a curt reply to the allegations.

“attention is probably what he wants… We ignore stupid stuff, and focus on things that matter.” #BUIDL

Craig Wright vs Peter McCormack

Peter McCormack was sued by Craig Wright for defamation. Wright has asked for an apology in open court by accepting that he is Satoshi Nakamoto.

Peter McCormack tweeted to this –

“One thing I refuse to do is accept or say in court that Craig Wright is Satoshi and that BSV is the real Bitcoin.”

Furthermore, the members from the crypto-Twitter community have extended their support by offering to take participate in crowdfunding for the legal expenses of the case.

McCormack has insisted that –

“Please stop harassing people telling them they have to financially support my defence. If I choose to crowdfund then I’ll post an address which will be optional and [Jake Chervinsky] will audit the use of funds. I have options before I go down this path.”

Also, he has decided to defend the case and expressed the fact with new-found vigour.

“An Australian registered as a citizen from Antigua and Barbuda, financed by a Canadian is looking to use the libels laws of “my home country” to sell a lie, I look forward to defending this.”

Also, he has continued to make sarcastic remarks on Craig Wright and Calvin Ayre unabashedly. The BSV price also broke below $190 a roller-coaster ride owing to the spread of the ambiguous and then, possibly fake news rumours in China.

Furthermore, with a particular amount of controversy and extreme price fluctuation, it is evident that the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto would create more issues for crypto markets than it would actually solve. Hence, his claims must be put forth to a stop as he has not been able to prove them either. The real Satoshi acted anonymously for the reason that must be respected.