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Craig Wright Falters Once Again In His Testimony This Week

If you have been following Craig Wright’s trajectory, you are well aware of the amount of trouble he has gotten himself into due to his brazen and unabashed attitude and statements. The man claims to be BTC’s inventor Satoshi Nakamoto but it’s safe to say that nobody is buying it.

His ongoing testimonial in court has witnessed a lot of ups and downs, and recently again he has made the headlines by claiming that he can’t access the BTC that he created during his early days as the self-proclaimed inventor of the crypto.

At a federal court hearing in West Palm Beach, Florida, he was asked to provide a list of the Bitcoin addresses from his early days. In reply to that, he claimed that he might not have access to the coins that he had supposedly himself created during the early days. This once again makes his claims appear false and unsubstantiated.

He has not been able to provide any concrete evidence as of now that he himself is Satoshi Nakamoto, which is why the industry has unanimously refused to believe his claims.

A lawsuit was brought against Wright by the family of his late business partner Dave Kleinman, who accuse him of stealing intellectual property and Bitcoin worth billions. The industry has been following the case closely to check whether he can provide any solid evidence which would back up his claims, but no such luck till now.

The industry largely believes that he is bluffing, which at this point seems really plausible, because if he had any serious intention of proving his claim, he would have done so by now.