Craig Wright Disappears From Twitter

Craig Wright Disappears from Twitter Following Alleged Lawsuits

Craig Wright, the Founder of nChain and vocal proponent of Bitcoin SV, was taken down from his Twitter account after the recent episode incorporating alleged lawsuits, harassment and copyright infringement.

The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin (Satoshi Nakamoto) was attacked by trolls on Twitter after he announced his intention to sue anyone making false claims or harassing or copying his tweets.

Following the storm on Twitter, many troll/spoof accounts were created. One such account that came into light was Fake-toshi Bot. This account reproduced Wright’s tweets. However, Wright had previously responded to these bot accounts with the threat of legal actions.

A Twitter user, BigBlockers, too came forward to inform the Twitterverse that the founder of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, was now following the parody account. Both Jihan Wu and Roger Ver previously had a disagreement with Calvin Ayre and Craig Wright amid the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash.

In no time, the issue became of the disappearance of Wright’s Twitter account. Twitterati couldn’t stop themselves from commenting on Wright’s disappearance, with @WhalePanda tweeting,

“Fraud/scammer puts a lot of time and effort into getting 70k followers on Twitter. Gets annoyed with bots. Tries to use protected tweets but the bots follow him so has no effect. Mr. Fraud is desperate and doesn’t understand how this tech works. Then, he finds the ultimate solution.”

Neeraj K. Agrawal, a famous cryptocurrency enthusiast, tweeted,

@hodolnaut tweeted –

“As a tribute to Craig Wright being a fraud, I’m going to make next week ‘Craig Wright is a fraud week’, and tag all my tweets with #CraigWrightIsAFraud. Feel free to join the celebration. 🙏”

At the time of writing, the Twitter account of the self-proclaimed bitcoin creator, Craig Wright, was suspended. However, it suggests that multiple users reported either the account or Wright must have deleted his account himself.