Craig Wright Hiring Lawyer

Craig S. Wright’s nChain is Looking to Hire a Patent Counsel in London

Founded by a self-proclaimed bitcoin inventor Craig Wright, nChain is looking to hire a lawyer to protect its crypto patents and to manage and grow the company’s portfolio of blockchain-related IP.

The applicant needs to be an educated and qualified European Patent Attorney with a keen interest in Bitcoin and Blockchain. Also, he needs to possess a first degree in mathematics, physics, electronics, or computer science. This is what the job advertisement states.

It proceeds to state that the London-based position would direct “patent drafting” and “worldwide prosecution” for its patents and that the people person would have and “huge responsibility for creating and exploiting industrially significant IP resources.”

Wright, who is well-known for declaring himself (with no evidence) to be bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator Satoshi Nakamoto, is also an arduous collector of patents associated with the technology.

Two years ago, a Reuters report first connected Wright with a company known as EITC Holdings Ltd that later became nChain, and whereby he had filed over 50 patents in the UK associated with blockchain technology. At the beginning of this month, Jimmy Nguyen, chairman of nChain’s strategic advisory board, declared that the firm had filed 666 patent applications by far.

According to the data provided by the UK Intellectual Property Office –

“EITC has submitted a range of patent applications focused on the technology in recent years, including ones for implementing logic gate functionality using a blockchain, an operating system for blockchain IOT devices and methods and systems for the efficient transfer of entities on a P2P distributed ledger.”

The explosion of R&D associated with blockchain creates an environment where “NPEs (Non-Practising Entities), sometimes referred to as “Patent Trolls,” can develop easily by looking and enforcing patent rights.

However, there haven’t been any reports of nChain or Craig Wright being involved in patent disputes, since nChain didn’t respond to the requests for comment by press time.