Computer-Implemented Methods

Computer-Implemented Methods of Blockchain and AI in Mexico

In industrial property, the number of patent applications associated with computer-implemented methods has increased in the last decade, and it looks that the numbers will continue to increase owing to the implementation of new boom technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. A few of these technologies are closely associated with computer algorithms or methods to carry out a business that’s prohibited in some regions based on local laws.

Mexico is one such country that has prohibited this kind of matter depending on local legislation. However, it implies that applicants and investors can’t look for protection, and indeed a recommendation is to file patent applications that contain implemented-computer methods when proper.

Blockchain and AI as Computer-Implemented Methods in Mexico

Reality is that a few applicants or investors are developing these two technologies for improving particular fields. Rather, new developments like these are algorithms banned under the local legislation. There is a chance of protecting them not just through the patent application but also as copyright and industrial designs.

About the algorithm, it’s possible to cover it as a patent application but taking care of the patent application containing computer-implemented methods. For instance, AI could be used to detect potential genetic disorders in a newborn or to save energy in place. So, the methods to perform the last tasks might be computer-implemented methods.

Here it’s important to note that both blockchain and AI must pass through an adaptation process concerning industrial property as relatively new technologies.

Computer-Implemented Methods in Other Industries

These days, Mexico has increased its number of patent applications, whether they are from national or international applicants, containing computer-implemented methods associated with particular areas as electronics but also to biotechnology and pharmaceutics in which there are problems performed in a computer.

Luckily, the Mexican patent office has approved patents associated with computer-implemented methods for different areas as pharmaceutics, biotechnology and electronics, but such granting is based on the basis of the case.

Automating a Technique into a Computer-Implemented Method

In most cases, procedures which are generally performed by a human being can be used in a computer. Unfortunately, the automation of these procedures in a computer isn’t always taken as patentable under Mexican practice.

Thus, when automating a process into a computer-implemented method in Mexico, then the presence of novel tangible or non-tangible technical features grows like the likelihood of a granting. Else, the computer-implemented method has to be reviewed carefully.

Computer Programs Differ from AI as Computer-Implemented Methods

It’s worth noting here that there are a few circumstances in which the patent office has granted computer programs as computer-implemented methods if such methods don’t recite computer program. For instance, a computer algorithm using a data structure that saves hardware might be acceptable when the algorithm is drafted as a computer-implemented method with no reference to a computer program.

At last, computer-implemented methods are recommendable and acceptable in Mexico. Still the granting relies on the basis of a case.