Blockchain Augmenting FinTech

Companies are Spending Millions Into Blockchain Projects

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space has been a topic of fascination for the majority of the population even after a decade. Despite the longest crypto winter which made many no-coiners to come out of their hiding to propose that the crypto phenomenon is all but over. However, they are still as far from the truth as they were when they started bashing crypto.

According to the founder of crypto stats, Narek Gevorgyan, the hype is far from over and there are still plenty of firms who are investing hundreds of millions of dollars towards the blockchain technology.

Narek Gevorgyan said,

“Obviously, it’s not dead as many people out of crypto think. There are still companies investing hundreds of millions of dollars into blockchain projects and developing their products. I think we might see the market recovery as soon as we see some blockchain companies really starting to succeed and become a real competitor to their centralized alternatives.”

However, Narek also revealed an interesting viewpoint where he suggests that most of the firms inclined towards the decentralized space are only competing against each other rather than taking on the traditional and centralized platforms. He also believes that bitcoin would remain the leaders and would be responsible for driving the decentralization phenomenon to the masses.

Binance or Coinbase, Which is a Better Trading Platform?

When  Narek was asked about his choice between the top two crypto exchanges, Binance and Coinbase, he gave quite an interesting perspective. He said while Coinbase has made trading as easy as operating any other application, by a simple click of a button. On the other hand, Binance is a complete trading platform, where it offers over a 100 crypto tokens to trade along with 400+ trading pairs to select from.

Narek belives Binanace user interface might get complex for the first time users as it is intended to be a complete trading platform, but once you are well-versed with it, there is no going back. He believes Binance is holding a stature of its own and recommend to the those who are new to the crypto space.

He also mentioned that online crypto wallets are not secure or safe and ask users to go for hardware backed wallets. He said that online wallets attract a lot of phishing scams and thus could prove disastrous if not properly taken care of.