CoinDeal Becomes The Official Partner Of Wolverhampton Wanderers

BTC Wires: CoinDeal is a fairly new albeit quickly growing cryptocurrency. It is slowly but surely carving its own niche in not just the mind-boggling world of cryptocurrency but also, football. Yes, you heard it right!

CoinDeal has now become the official partner of Wolverhampton Wanderers and is sponsoring this football club as an integral part of their current marketing campaign. This campaign revolves around reaching more and more cryptocurrency

users and promoting their reputable and recognized currency exchange platform. This is the first time in the history of sports sponsorships where a cryptocurrency exchange platform has joined forces with a sports club. This is, indeed, a rather

exciting development in the blockchain and cryptocurrency community and paints a hopeful and successful picture for the future of cryptocurrencies in the world.

The Co-founder of CoinDeal, Kajetan Maćkowiak commented, “I have always had a passion for the world of sports and its impact on consumers. At CoinDeal we are very aware of the impact that football marketing can have on a brand and its

community, especially in an industry such as ours. We believe that a club like Wolverhampton Wanderers will help portray our message globally. It is an incredibly exciting time to be involved with Wolves, on the eve of their return to the English

Premier League and we look forward to supporting them to ensure they continue their incredible performance levels both on and off the pitch.”

According to the spokespersons and representatives of CoinDeal, this digital currency exchange platform highly values its community. It believes that the users of the platform have the right to participate actively in the future of the company

and the development of the digital platform. It can now be said that this new collaboration between CoinDeal and the popular football club is a step in the right direction that gives new hope not just to the blockchain industry but also the world of sports.