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Coinberry Partners With BRD To Make Crypto Trading Simpler and More Secure

The Blockchain Futurist Conference being held in Toronto saw a new announcement being made on 15th August, 2018 that Coinberry and BRD are going to be partnering with one another, a move that will bring 1.2 million BRD customers to Coinberry, a digital currency trading platform from Canada.

Coinberry, which has its headquarters in Toronto, is its country’s first commission-free crypto trading portal that is officially registered under the aegis of the federal government. The platform makes sure of the most lucrative cryptocurrency prices from reliable exchanges by the use of a unique proprietary algorithm. BRD, earlier known as Bread Wallet, is a firm based in Switzerland which runs a crypto app that was the first of its kind made available in the iOs app store. Currently, the app is available over both iOs and Android operating systems and is being used by customers spread across 150 countries. BRD’s non-custodial wallet is responsible for the safekeeping of almost 8 billion USD and the collaboration is expected to bring all of its 1.2 million user base to the Canadian crypto exchange.

A few days ago, Coinberry had announced that it is shifting to commission-free trading, pioneering the trend in its home country.

The non-custodial wallet of BRD makes sure hackers cannot take advantage of any “honey pot” or there is no need to provide information of any sort to a central authority. As a result, this guarantees the highest level of security and privacy that allows users to easily buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and make exchanges, deposits or withdrawals from their respective bank accounts.

Coinberry’s President Andrei Polikov stated that they are looking forward to “join forces” with BRD given it’s a leading player in the sphere of technology and also a pathbreaking pioneer of sorts. He added that customers would surely love the combination of BRD wallet’s superior functionality and the Coinberry exchange’s great and competitive crypto prices. Adam Traidman, BRD co-founder and CEO echoed the sentiments expressed by Polikov. He said that this partnership would surely put users’ frustrations to rest by giving them a reliable collaboration to fall back on, which allows for a superior crypto trading experience, while remaining linked to their own bank accounts, including Canadian bank accounts. Given that the two companies share the aim of simplifying and securing crypto trading while making the process accessible and inclusive, the partnership can be said to be the harbinger of easier crypto trading processes for customers.