Coinbase’s Debit Card Reports Issues With Purchase And Processing, Days After Launch

The cryptocurreny exchange giant Coinbase, recently announced the launch of their Visa debit card services for several countries in Europe. However, the cards have already started reporting bugs just days within their launch.

This card was a definite move towards ensuring greater cryptocurreny adoption across the continent. The card allows European users to spend cryptos like Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH], and Litecoin [LTC] at any merchant shop which accepts Visa.

The bugs that have been reported with the card have been brought to the notice of Coinbase, and the Coinbase Support team has been prompt about informing the community about those problems. To start off, many users have reported issues while processing their debit/credit cards. One of the reports read:

“A fix has deployed. Card purchases will remain disabled for a few more minutes to let the pending payments finish processing.”

The company has assured the community that they are monitoring the situation and doing their best to resolve the problem. However, help came swiftly from the company’s end since the problem was solved within an hour and payments were re-enabled.

The same issue was being faced by customers a few day before on the exchange’s issued debit cards. The Coinbase report read,

“We are currently having issues with accepting payments on Android for 3ds enabled debit cards. As a temporary workaround affected Android users can make card payments using our website.”

The issues have been promptly resolved by the exchange, but despite that Coinbase has urged users to deploy version 6.0.2 or later, if the issues persisted with the app.

The market today is extremely customer driven, and satisfaction of the customer is a top priority. Which is why Coinbase needs to fix the bugs that have been reported, and ensure that the incidents are isolated and do not culminate into one big problem for the exchange.