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Coinbase May Incentivize You To Learn More About Crypto

Cryptocurrency has become a buzzword now. Every other individual can be found talking about it. Whether the market cap is climbing up or getting down, people can’t stop talking about it. Uplifting your interest even more, Coinbase has come up with a really interesting plan that will not only help you to increase your interest in this domain but also give you something you want.

You guessed it right!

The leading cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase is willing to incentivize the public for studying more about cryptocurrencies, by paying them with some digital tokens.

The crypto exchange made an announcement, on Wednesday, about its launch of Coinbase Earn.

Coinbase Earn is a new system where Coinbase users can earn 0x tokens by finishing numerous educational tasks, which may include watching videos and taking quizzes. The platform, at the launch, is invite-only, although anyone can sign up to a waiting list.

The educational content is easily accessible, it makes no difference whether a user is a part of the Coinbase Earn platform or not, as indicated by a press release.

Coinbase launched Earn platform after surveying both customers as well as non-customers, and exploring “one of the biggest barriers for people to explore a new digital asset is the lack of knowledge about that asset.”

As stated in the press release,

“Many of the people we spoke to expressed a strong desire to begin learning about new and different crypto assets beyond bitcoin, but didn’t know where to begin.”

According to the exchange, Coinbase Earn platform is an alternative to mining or purchasing digital currencies for the users who are interested in winning tokens.

The press release explained:

“Mining cryptocurrency typically means high setup costs and technical knowledge, while buying cryptocurrency requires disposable income to exchange for cryptocurrencies, which limits access.”

All the coinbase users will need to obtain tokens through the Earn program by using their smartphone or laptop.

Where the platform simply allows its users to earn 0x at launch, the Coinbase said that it is aimed at adding even more content and support for the other cryptocurrencies in the near future.