Coinbase Introduces Its New Bitcoin Batching Initiative

The number of daily transactions taking place on Bitcon Blockchain has dropped pointedly to the degrees of March 2019. From the outset, this may appear to be bad for Bitcoin, since it seems like less individuals are making Bitcoin exchanges—which could suggest falling use.

Yet, that is not the situation, contends Nic Carter, author of cryptocurrency data provider CoinMetrics. He stated that there’s a hidden explanation behind this drop and the final result is good for Bitcoin.

Coinbase Presents Bitcoin Batching

In a progression of tweets, Carter noticed that there was a “positive uptick in batching last week or so.” He saw that Bitcoin transactions are getting greater on average—while the number of transactions has dropped. This, Carter proposes, is an indicator of more batching.

This occurred with Coinbase launching its new batching activity.

Bitcoin transaction batching is the way toward bringing together a few Bitcoin transfers into one—more complex—transaction, rather than a single BTC movement taking up a block all to itself. Such ‘batching’ reduces the load that Coinbase puts on the Bitcoin’s blockchain by over half.

Why Is This Good For Bitcoin?

In the course of the most recent week, Bitcoin price was halved. As indicated by the research from Multicoin Capital, network congestion made the market crash more diligently than it would have done something else.

As Kyle Samani, managing partner of Multicoin Capital, clarified, when the price dropped, there was an unexpected increase in Bitcoin transactions. Yet, the system couldn’t process them, prompting delays and higher expenses. This made it harder to move Bitcoin between exchanges, making silos where the Bitcoin price dropped unreasonably, for example, Bitcoin futures exchange BitMEX.

Along these lines, with Coinbase batching its transactions, this opens up more space on the Bitcoin network. In case of another price drop, then at that point the market would be stronger.

This is a part of the reason why everyone encouraged Coinbase to do this, two years back.