Coinbase Initiates PayPal Withdrawal Amid Rapid Selling Trends

Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges of the world, has initiated Paypal withdrawals for its users among the selling trends in the market. The Crypto Winter is currently at its peak, and with no signs of recovery shortly, most of the investors have decided to cash out their possessions. The Exchange now allows users to sell Bitcoin and other altcoins on its platform directly using PayPal, making it easier for the sellers to cash out their crypto fortunes.

PayPal Integration paves the way for Free and Easier Withdrawals

The decision for integrating PayPal into the Coinbase Exchange has seen positive feedback from all around. Many users felt that the earlier process of Wire withdrawals was wholly incompetent and time-consuming and charged a bomb when compared to other exchanges. However, PayPal has not only made it easier to make withdrawals against the investment, but it is free of cost as well.

The PayPal’s user interface is quite easy to navigate around, and people can add their debit card to their PayPal account. The current dApps are not on par with the level of PayPal regarding transaction rate, cost of the transaction, and convenience. The latest integration has made it easier for users and investors to manage their funds conveniently.

Experts Believe Crypto Winter Would End the Bitcoin

The current panic selling in the crypto trade market is a combination of crypto winter and bearish trends since mid-November. Many crypto experts believe it is the end of the road for Bitcoin and it’s better to sell it at its current market value of $3,200 rather than waiting till it eventually touches down the $0 mark.

Many experts were playing the waiting game for quite some time when Bitcoin first went below the $6,000 mark in November. Many other believes that by Q1 2019, Bitcoin will die a slow death, eventually reaching the $0 mark.

Final Thoughts

The decision by Coinbase to integrate PayPal, a widely known and used service around the globe, can prove beneficial for the Exchange. The struggle of dApps to compete against the scalability and transaction speed of traditional modes of payment seems to have prompted the action. The decision helps both the exchange and its user to make easy transfers and withdrawals without having to worry about the backend processes is a boon.