Coinbase Collaborates With GiveCrypto To Help Syrian Refugees, On The “Sixth Day of Christmas”

As a part of their “12 Days of Coinbase” scheme, which is a twist from the popular song and saying “12 Days of Christmas”, Coinbase which is one of the most popular companies in the cryptosphere, has collaborated with GiveCrypto, a nonprofit that seeks to distribute cryptocurrency in an extremely efficient and quick way. This scheme has been a part of an innovative approach where Coinbase is unveiling different new and improved features and services, every day.

In this venture, which is the sixth, the series, Coinbase will be providing support and basic income to more than 150 Syrians who are currently residing in Greece. The official gift that Coinbase is giving the organization is $10,000 in Bitcoin (BTC).

GiveCrypto has partnered with Sempo, in a business model which shows innovation and had already been implemented previously in  Beirut and Kurdistan. Sempo and GiveCrypto has an established network of vendors who will be providing fiat money in exchange for the cryptocurrency, which will be acting as a bridge for donations in the local communities.

The issue of supporting Syrian refugees has been a rather controversial one, with over 30 United States governors refusing to accept them in their own states. However, this has not been a political statement on the part of the company. Recently, a shocking video of a 15-year-old Syrian refugee by the name of Jamal being attacked in the UK has gone viral and initiated uproar on an international scale.

Coinbase in a statement said:

“With Coinbase’s support, is poised to support even more refugee families in Greece, where crypto transfers can do even more to support those rocked by unstable financial institutions and lack of access. This donation is just a start as Sempo and get on the ground in Greece and understand how much they can scale their support. As they do, their capacity to offer financial support to more families will improve.”