Coffee Connoisseurs Can Now Trace Coffee Via Blockchain

BTC Wires: Bext360, a company which is known to structure and develop new technologies with a clear objective to simplify the critical supply chain in potentially emerging economies.

Recently, the company has released the world’s first blockchain-traced coffee, which has been analyzed and traced using the machine vision of bext360. AI, IoT and blockchain technology came into the scheme of things from a pilot programme of Great Lakes Coffee, a Uganda based coffee exporter in collaboration with the Coda Coffee, a Denver based coffee roaster.

The blockchain-traced coffee is available at the Coda coffee, Denver, Colorado. They have a cupping score of 85 to 86.5 and the customers can purchase the coffee in 12 oz bags. Each of the bags has a unique ID number and is a form of a specific IoT. Consumers can acquire information about the journey of the coffee right from its nascent stage of production to the stage where it takes the shape of the final product. They can also have an insight on the quality of the products, and the details of concerned transactions, which have been recorded in the blockchain. For attaining all of this information the consumers just need to scan the QR code on the bag.

In the initial phases of the pilot program, which started in November 2017. The bextmachines were installed in eastern Uganda in collaboration with the Great Lakes coffee at various washing stations on its farm area. The process began with farmers depositing their coffee cherries for analysis and were consequently paid for their harvest. With the use of AI and IoT in combination with blockchain technology from the best machine further evaluates and sorts coffee cherries and parchments. The machine further links the output to special crypto tokens, which has the track of all the information of the coffee right from the initial stages of production. Every single

information gathered is further recorded in the blockchain. Thereby, presenting the complete information to the final users with just a QR code scan.