Decentralised Content Gateway

CloudFlare Introduces A New Decentralised Content Gateway

CloudFlare, the major US-based content delivery network, has introduced a new decentralised content gateway through its InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).

This announcement was made amid CloudFlare Crypto Week. It’s a week that is devoted to the adoption of new cryptography-powered technologies. The IPFS Gateway of CloudFlare is the first product to be launched as part of its Distributed Web Gateway project that plans for “encompassing all of its efforts” for deploying the Distributed Ledger Technology.

This service is an approach for content access from the IPFS which doesn’t need users to install and run any sort of special software. The new gateway that is hosted on IPFSf is aimed at supporting “many new highly-reliable and security-enhanced web applications.”

IPFS Gateway is a protocol and network which is designed for enabling P2P storing as well as sharing of data on a distributed ledger that is developed by Protocol labs.

By consolidating the IPFS protocol, CloudFlare is aimed at bringing a new decentralised approach for accessing data on the Internet that allows its users keeping content available regardless of the state of servers which host it.

As the IPFS intends to embrace a new decentralised vision of the web by offering access to any of the billions of files on IPFS, it likewise raises content sensitivity concerns.

CloudFlare also admitted the possibility of sharing some abusive content through IPFS, while taking a note that the company cannot modify or remove the content from the IPFS network.

The company said, “If any abusive content is found that is served by the Cloudflare IPFS gateway, you can use the standard abuse reporting mechanism described here.”

ProPublica reported in May 2017 that CloudFlare offered services to neo-Nazi websites like The Daily Stormer and allegedly shared personal data on individuals complaining about their content. The company has then reacted to the conviction by claiming that it would change complaint policies for providing more safety to the users who report on CloudFlare.