Chrissy Teigen’s Bitcoin Tweet Receives Interesting Comments From Crypto Big Shots

Supermodel, entrepreneur and popular internet celebrity Chrissy Teigen, recently tweeted about Bitcoin, claiming that neither does she understand BTC, nor does she care enough to research about it.

Understandably, the crypto community at once flooded her comments section both with positive and negative comments. Many big shots from the crypto community actually came forward with a genuine attempt to educate her about cryptocurrencies.

Among those, notably Anthony Pompliano, who recently predicted bullish market for BTC, offered to explain it to her in under 10 minutes.

Funnily, the popular social media phenomenon Tik Tok, also posted a comment, considering they were also mentioned in the tweet.

This might seem like some fun twitter banter, but it does give rise to a serious question, is there need for more awareness about Bitcoin? Well, it is expected that people with a considerable follower base on the various social media platforms should use their platform to spread more awareness about cryptocurrencies.

That is the only way we can prevent people from walking into scams or traps on the internet, which target gullible, uninformed users, who don’t quite understand how Bitcoin works, but are ready to invest their money in the hopes of becoming rich.