Chinese YouTuber Explains Bitcoin and Blockchain, Gains Massive Views

Online influencers are now in the driving seat of modern decision-making. Therefore, when a famous YouTuber from China, called Li Yongle makes a video about Bitcoin and it receives positive attention from hordes of people, it does point to a very promising future in terms of adoption of cryptocurrencies. This educational video, recorded in the Chinese language, has drawn in viewers who have hopefully learnt quite a bit about Bitcoin through the video.

Most experts agree that the key to high adoption of Bitcoin is education and with videos like this, that is a problem taken care of. This YouTuber has an enviable number of subscribers: about 273K. In the video, he takes pains to explain how Bitcoin works and what blockchain technology really is, in the utmost detail. Published around a month ago, this video has garnered a whopping 268K views. In addition, 1.1K comments have been posted under the video by the viewers.

To give an example, Li says in the video that:

“What’s in the very first block? So, bitcoin is just a string of numbers? Then how can I have it turned into numbers in my bank card? Bitcoin mining would consume huge energy? OK, now I see what it is. But the central bank would kill it.”

The video has also been posted on Ixigua, which is the Chinese alternative for ubiquitous video streaming site YouTube. Ixigua has seen an outpouring of interest that is almost double of what was seen on YouTube with 500,000 views on the video. It also has nearly 5 times the number of comments that the YouTube version has received: around 5000 of them.

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China is the most populated country in the world and in the context of its massive population of 1.4 billion, the number of viewers may be quite small. Even so, the numbers definitely speak volumes about how the people in China are deeply interested in cryptocurrencies, despite the government’s tenuous relationship with Bitcoin.

Li Yongle is a massively popular media influencer in China, having garnered a follower count of 2.6 million on Weibo, China’s counter to microblogging site Twitter. The fact that his followers are lapping up the content that creates can be seen in the fact that a viewer commented the following:

“Mr. Li is quite capable in making complex notions simple; There’s a lack of such preachers in the Chinese crypto community; A majority of people who claim they know about bitcoin actually have a scanty knowledge of it; there’re still a lot of newbies in the crypto space despite the bear market; Controversies about Bitcoin still abound, but it has improved a lot compared with the situation two years ago; The move is good for everyone.”