Chinese Survey Conducted About Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Acceptability

A recent Chinese survey, amongst 4,200 seasonings respondents found out that about 40 percent of the participants had shown inclinations to invest in cryptocurrencies in the very near future. The report published by Chinese crypto news outlet 8btc on Dec. 26 is a news source for sharing blockchain news across Asia, conducted the survey.

The survey revealed that about half of all the respondents were familiar with the following terms: cryptocurrency, digital currency or Bitcoin (BTC).

However, on the other hand, 63 percent of the population believed that there was no necessity for crypto as a means of payment. As well as this, only 22.2 percent of the surveyed individuals were aware of the concept of blockchain-powered tokens. 38 percent of respondents got their information and advice about crypto investments from celebrities and influencers in the crypto space.
Bitcoin has been placed in the 18th place in a recently released ranking revealed by the Chinese Government. The second place is occupied by the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum (ETH).

A Twitter survey which had been conducted by former United States Congressman Ron Paul, which counted 94,894 votes found out that bitcoin was favored more over more traditional forms of money as a long-term investment. While the report doesn’t detail how the survey was conducted, it claims it asked 4,980 Chinese individuals about cryptocurrencies between November 26 and December 10 of this year, and managed to get 4,200 valid questionnaires. The report notably points out that those who responded to the survey were more familiar with cryptocurrency in general than with bitcoin. This, it claims, as cryptocurrencies are, in general, seen as an investment product.

Another more recent survey, which has been conducted by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom) revealed, that over one-third of big German businesses consider blockchain as revolutionary as the internet.