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China Fights Back With Blockchain Technology

Blockchain gives off an impression of being the weapon of choice in China’s information war.

From one perspective, Chinese chief Xi Jinping is adulating it for its ability to help control the society. On the other hand, Chinese dissenters are battling censorship by chairing a meeting with a coronavirus whistleblower on the blockchain.

Blockchain for Social Control in China

As per state-run media, President Xi stated yesterday that Chinese police approach a “management and dispatching command panel” to upgrade the monitoring of various networks.

Xi added –

“The safety of personnel, communities, streets, urban areas and even the whole city can be covered seamlessly. This provides a solid and efficient technical support for the fight against the coronavirus.”

In any case, he said that including blockchain technology could make for progressively compelling social control. In particular, it could give wider access to more information on social situations, make it simpler for divisions to impart and help decision making.

How Blockchain Can Battle Censorship?

Around the same time, Chinese social media users were utilizing blockchain technology to share an interview with specialist and coronavirus whistleblower Ai Fen that had been blue-penciled by the Chinese government.

As indicated by CNBC’s Beijing reporter, Eunice Yoon, after a few endeavors to ‘spare’ the meeting from concealment—including making an interpretation of it into Oracle bone content, Morse code, and even emoticons—activists appropriated the meeting on blockchain.

The meeting discovered worldwide praise Tuesday after it was distributed by the Chinese magazine, Renwu. The transcript portrays Fen—chief of the crisis division at Wuhan Central Hospital—relating being reproved by Chinese authorities for raising the caution of the coronavirus in December.

Fen stated in an interview –

“If I had known what was to happen, I would not have cared about the reprimand. I would have fucking talked about it to whoever, where ever I could.”

China has as of late showered acclaim on blockchain as one of the advances of the following modern revolution. Yet, with its capability to subvert the ruling party’s wishes, that support probably won’t keep going long.