Chilliz tries out at playing sport!

There has been a lot of combinations over the generation that proved to be unique in a different way but proved to be very useful. One such one of a kind combo might turn out to be sports and Blockchain. With nearly half of the world’s population lodged onto sports, it is definitely a good field to tap into to diversify the effective use of Blockchain. 

The biggest advantage of blockchain tokens is that they can comfortably fit into any niche. Chilliz is definitely trying to get things sorted out with their recent venture into sports. 

What’s new

The Blockchain company based in malta recently announced that they were going to exchange supports for sports and entertainment base earned tokens. They are planning to get the hang of the system by slowly introducing the tokens into fan-based voting spaces. 

The fans or possible sports token users can probably get a hang of cryptocurrency and blockchain by buying and selling tokens on the platform webbed along with 

They majorly are trying to get their hands on the football arena being the world population’s common field of interest. In the official statement, Chilliz said that the fans would be able to trade fan-tokens for their favorite professional football clubs. Many of the well-known clubs like Juventus, West Ham United are expected to be on the list.

Football is the key:

The company is also planning to work out relationships with other football clubs as well to increase the hit ratio and directly influence the pricing of crypto-currency. 

To make sure that they covered major and larger grounds, they were desperately looking forward to partnerships and they did strike gold within a short span of time. 

They recently partnered with Binance strategic cryptocurrency exchange. With the Binance team onboard they can drastically increase the spread and get to experience more markets as well. 

Binance says that they are trying to explore and find out the response of the Blockchain technology in different areas rather than the usual payments, cross-border transactions. Whenever there is a new peak of interest so is there an equally significant amount of problems rising and that is what Binance aims to solve. 

The new venture from Chilliz if turned successful can give a huge jumping jack for similar brands who are planning on trying to put something new together and make a business out of it.