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Changelly and Pillar Crypto Wallet Team up For Easier Token Swaps

Changelly, a top cryptocurrency exchange that is in fact the number one when it comes to carrying out token swaps, has teamed with new crypto wallet Pillar. Pillar is basically a simple and user-friendly wallet that has managed to secure a rather exciting collaborative arrangement with key player Chnagelly. Now, with the new Pillar feature focused on exchanges, Changelly users will be able to easily and effectively swap ERC-20 tokens for PLR from their very own wallets.

The crypto and token exchange functionality that is being offered will be backed by the Pillar Offers Engine. This feature will serve as the basis of the company’s fast-developing e-commerce portal. The engine’s primary objective is to aggregate all the offers that are available in the market at any given time. As a result, users are no longer required to comb through multiple websites to find the best possible and most feasible deal for themselves.

Currently, the only blockchain network supported on this platform is the Ethereum. However, even though it is limited to just Ethereum for the time being, Pillar is working on an expansion plan that will add to its inventory of protocols available for use. They are specifically working to ensure users can access the Bitcoin blockchain via the platform as soon as possible.

The integration with the Changelly API has made it exceedingly simple to exchange a plethora of Ethereum-based tokens for Pillar tokens or PLR. All that a user must do is to select a selling coin and a buying coin (ETH and PLR, as of now) and simply input the amount in terms of Ether that must be exchanged for the PLR tokens.

Once the user confirms the transaction, the PLR tokens appears for him or her to easily view and access in the app. As Pillar tells us, the buying of PLR tokens will not require the users to pay any fee. However, if the users purchase Ethereum, they will be required to pay a subscription fee of about £1.

This new collaboration is a welcome development for crypto enthusiasts, especially those users who commonly use Ethereum-based tokens. This will help them to enjoy a new level of token swap functionality altogether.