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ChainFront Launches Ripple And Ethereum Integration

ChainFront, which an API-as-a-Service company helps in getting rid of the complexity of using, building, and managing blockchain wallets while making sure that enterprise-grade security is ensured. The company today announced the launch of Ripple and Ethereum integration to the ChainFront API platform which means that developers can now create applications built on the Ethereum or XRP Ledger blockchains which will be able to eliminate the need for end-users to manage their own security and bank.

ChainFront also allows developers to provide their users with a secure and easy way to approve transactions without the need for them to manage their own private keys. This launch will enable developers to empower end-users, be the consumers or inside of enterprises, to easily execute transactions with username, password, and multifactor authentication. Developers building applications that want to execute XRP or Ethereum transactions can request an API key at

Alan Warms, the CEO of ChainFrony said,

The XRP Ledger and Ethereum are at the forefront of blockchain development. With some of the fastest transaction times, XRP may be one of the first cryptocurrencies to gain widestream consumer and enterprise adoption and Ethereum has the most global active users aside from Bitcoin. But like all blockchains, wallets still present a challenge to application developers and their subsequent end-users. With the launch of our API for Ripple and Ethereum, ChainFront has created a way for developers to remove the complexity of interacting with Ripple or Ethereum for anyone.

Blockchain wallets allow-end users to store private keys and execute transactions. However, if a user loses their on-device wallet (on a mobile device, or browser) via a hack, theft, loss of the device, or an upgrade, and they fail to back up their private keys, their ability to execute transactions and access their cryptocurrency is gone forever.

With ChainFront, users will have a simple experience as they will not have to worry about backing up keys and needing to keep track of an on-device wallet. ChainFront utilizes Vault by HashiCorp as a virtual Hardware Security Module. The cryptographic operations in the ChainFrontVault  platform is powered by a secret key management and data protection tool which also offers code-loading support.

The service is deployed in private subnets of Amazon Web Services (AWS) which remains unreachable via the public internet, using the AWS security model. This security model provides confidentiality, integrity, availability, accountability, and authentication. AWS also provides multi-regional backups and redundancy. FIPS 140-2 compliance is available.