Cere Network Gets Funding To Develop Blockchain CRM Ecosystem

Blockchain based startup Cere Network has raised a considerable amount of venture capital funding to develop the world’s first blockchain customer relationship management (CRM) and customer data platform (CDP) ecosystem.
The funding has come from NEO Global Capital, Arrington XRP Capital and Binance Labs. It came right after the company graduated from Binance Lab’s Incubation Program in June.
According to reports, the blockchain platform, which also has its own token, will be able to unlock customer data trapped within existing monolithic and disparate CRM/CDP systems. It will capture customer transactions and interactions on a custom blockchain that will provide an open microservices platform for secure data collaboration and integration among businesses.
The data thus collected will be stored onto a secure and decentralized system integrated with Cere blockchain and designed to be easily accessed by businesses or vendors using permissioned proxy keys via Cere’s microservices platform. The platform will be able to execute secure user data sharing and direct user acquisition between businesses and brands as well as provide collaboration potential and extensibility on top of sharable, encrypted customer datasets.
Cere Network claims that its approach will successfully avoid a situation where data is siloed and fragmented across multiple CRM systems.
Fred Jin, co-founder and chief executive of Cere Network, said in a statement.
“Our mission with Cere Network is to leverage blockchain to empower businesses to have control over their own data and unlock the potential of collaborative microservices on top of the unsiloed user data.”
Cere Network is entering an already thriving CRM software market which already has giant players like IBM Corp., Oracle Corp., SAP AG, Saleforce.com Inc., Microsoft Corp., Adobe Systems Inc., etc. As a result, the potential of their idea is not enough as much as the delivery of their services in order to complete with the big guns.