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Central Bank Of Argentina Requests 42 Books on Blockchain

The Argentinian Central Bank has now been forced to take a keener interest in Bitcoin in the wake of the constant demise in the value of the Peso. For this reason, the Branco Central de la República Argentina (BCRA, or the Central Bank of Argentine Republic) has requested a roster of books about Bitcoin, including titles like “Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain 2nd Edition” by Andreas Antonopoulos.

The bank showed by means of a document its positive outlook towards alt-coin and blockchain. More importantly, the document also contains the list of 42 books about digital currencies that the central bank has requested. Antonopoulos’ book is the first in the list. Down at fourth is “Blockchain Basics A Non-Technical Introduction in 25 steps” by Daniel Drescher. Another important title included in the list is Alexander Preukschat’s “Blockchain: Blueprint for a new economy”.

These are the books on the list that essentially cover the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, while the other titles are mostly dedicated to other new technologies, financial innovations, etc.

While Bitcoin may have had to face a hostile stance from the central banks of several countries like China, Indonesia, and even India, the BCRA has taken a very progressive step by requesting these books. Instead of shying away, the bank recognises its shortcomings and tries to rectify them with the new and exciting technology.

According to a Reuters report, a survey of 52 analysts by the BCRA concluded the median inflation outlook of fiscal 2018 to be 27.1%, rising from 22% the previous month. The economic expansion has been reduced to 1.3%, down from the previous estimate of 2.5%.

In spite of having relaxed currency controls three years ago, the economy is yet to show worthwhile improvement. The devaluation of the currency has caused income and savings to fall, as Peso hit a record low last month of 28.6 per dollar. Last month, the inflation rates also peaked at a record 29.5%, affecting Latin American countries in
particular. This has prompted these countries to turn to alt-coins, Bitcoin particularly. A study has shown that of 178 countries, Argentina has secured the highest Bitcoin Market Potential Index (BMPI) score.