Cryptocurrency Theft

Caution: Bitcoin-Fund-Manager Stealing Cryptocurrency Through API

Bitcoin-Fund-Manager, Robert ‘BOB’ Kim aka Wan Qi, is a well known serial scammer with a long history of crypto scams.

Even this time, the serial scammer has got the spotlight to himself through his YouTube Channel.

It is because of the scam flag reporting on YouTube from users on his channel, that his previous Bitcoin-Fund-Manager channel that had 50K subscribers is now gone.

At press time, it has been replaced by 2 more accounts, which you need to beware of –


A Quick Glimpse To The Scammer’s History

Robert Kim, also known as Wan-Qi Kim, Wan-Lai Chen, Robert Kim, Bobby Kim, John Bobby Kim, Qi-Wan Kim, Bob Wan Kim or Bob Kim, is accused across several consumer forums for fraud.

The Korean-American is labeled as an internet CONMAN, who was previously active in South Korea for quite a long time after escaping internet consumer backlash in the US for fraud complaints incorporating thousands of consumers over the past decade.

The CONMAN essentially commits quackery, which is the misrepresentation of the ability of substances, services, devices, products and expertise, if not providing any deliverables in exchange for money.

He has taken both people as well as businesses for thousands of dollars, and continues to do so even today.

Newbies… Don’t Get Burnt

Kim is incredibly persuasive, well-spoken, non-transparent and frequently publishing the content on social media channels. He has had over 10 years to master the craft of projecting an innocent and believable internet persona to an expert level of mastery.

In simple words, he is an expert at deliberately practiced deception.

Currently, the Korean Conman has been reported to taking help of YouTube for stealing cryptocurrency through API.

Flag his videos as SPAM/SCAM on YouTube, so that no one else fall to his prey. Make sure that you don’t allow him any access to your API, since he is aimed at setting the limit to sell orders very low on your account and set the matching buy orders from his and take fly with your money.

According to the reports, he even says mockingly in this title “Thanks for selling me your Bitcoin.”