Wire Summit 2018

Cathy Guo, JA Chowdhury speak; Abhishek Kishore Gupta Moderates A Panel Discussion at Wire Summit 2018

So the long-awaited moment finally came and is happening right now. Yes, WireSummit2018 is live now, and everyone is speaking about their innovative ideas and journey. The Summit was given a start by Jatin Madhra from BTCWires.

Jatin Madhra at Wire Summit 2018

Jatin Madhra gives a good start to the event and talked about his journey at BTCWires with a keynote on Wire Summit.

He began with saying, “We started with a very small platform a year ago. The aim was to create a community of Blockchain. Of course, it wasn’t an easy thing but it was the dedication which took us where we are today.”

He spoke a few words about Wire Summit –

“We are really happy to organize this event – Wire Summit 2018. Wire Summit is an effort towards bridging the gap between the Blockchain Startups and investors.”

Where the Summit was given a good start by Madhra, the warmth in the wave was taken to another level by Cathy Guo.

Cathy Guo at Wire Summit 2018

Cathy Guo is the co-founder of Dunya Labs. She is widely known for her passion for decentralization. She believes that the Indian Market is the most exciting markets in the world today.

Guo’s speech was based on the “mass adoption of the blockchain technology”.

Guo keenly said, “India is the exciting place from the adoption standpoint, and the goal of Dunya Labs is to build a powerful blockchain applications for the Indian market.”

“Nothing will matter without utility generating products for the users,” she ended up saying.

Of course, she answered a few questions regarding the same, and she answered really well. In her talks, it was evident how determined she is to build applications in India.

Then, there was a session on “Government initiatives on the blockchain and what steps have been taken by the Government of Andhra Pradesh”. The session was led by J. A. Chowdhury, the IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, Government of Andhra Pradesh.

JA Chaudhary at Wire Summit 2018

He got a lot of cheers on his vision on “How can we protect our digital assets and be more centered around a technically growing India?”

BIENT Technologies – Something What Users Need Today

Soneshwar Singh at Wire Summit 2018

BIENT Technologies got introduced by Soneshwar Singh, one of the speakers at the event. He said that there are people who want to use Blockchain Technology but there are some barriers they are facing.

Thus, the idea of BIENT Technologies is to use the same technology but with a different perspective, a perspective that can adjust to the user’s needs.

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion at Wire Summit

The Panel Discussion at Wire Summit 2018 was among the Panelists, Abhishek Kishore from KPMG, Giacomo Arcaro and Giovanni Casagrande. The theme of the discussion was “A Decentralized Future”, where the three discussed a few essentials about some of the important ICOs, their roles in the future and some important ingredients for a successful ICOs.

This was all for now, but the warmth in the air isn’t over yet. The heat is getting intense. Let’s see what else this Summit is going to give us all.