Caspian Collaborates With Deribit To Provide Futures And Options Trading Platform

Caspian, which is a “full-stack” cryptocurrency trading, portfolio and risk management network for professional (or accredited) investors, has revealed that it has “integrated its platform” with Deribrit, which is a digital asset futures and options exchange. The collaboration involves the launch of one of “the first institutional platforms” that provide both futures and options trading for crypto assets. Currently, Caspian is working with more than “30 [other] major crypto exchanges and liquidity providers.”

The press release elaborated that Caspian’s digital asset trading desk and portfolio management platform will consist of a set of proprietary trading tools like “OEMS, PMS, and RMS” that enable the smooth execution of the “entire lifecycle of a trade.” Caspian’s platform is one of the firsts to feature an options and futures trading desk that users will be able to access through a single user interface. Along with this, Caspian’s proprietary technology also allows users to seamlessly “connect into all major crypto exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) brokers.” Leveraging a “complete suite” of advanced trading algorithms, Caspian’s trading platform has been developed to facilitate “real-time and historical P&L”-based trades, in addition to providing “exposure tracking” and a customer service support desk.

Deribit which was launched in 2016,  offers a “highly liquid marketplace” for bitcoin futures and options trading. It also enables users to make withdrawals and deposits on its exchange without any cost. Moreover, Deribit also provides its ether options and futures contracts and its own perpetual swaps. The announcement also elaborates that the Caspian platform “connects to Deribit through an advanced API” which has been designed to enable “high volumes [and] low latency.” Clients are provided access to Deribit’s “full options order book.”

Robert Dykes, the CEO of Caspian, when asked about the collaboration, said,

We are excited to be working with Deribit to make the trading of crypto options and futures possible within the institutional community. Our goal at Caspian is to provide crypto traders and investors the same standard of tools and service that exist in the traditional markets and it’s great knowing that the team at Deribit is working towards the same high standards.

Meanwhile, John Jansen, the CEO of Deribit, noted:

Caspian’s comprehensive trading and portfolio management platform provides institutional investors with the market-leading gateway to the crypto markets. We’re thrilled to be working with the team at Caspian.