Carrefour implements blockchain

Carrefour’s Chicken Chain Eliminates Foul Play Using Blockchain

Blockchain squeezed its way into Chicken farms even before its supposed domination into the Tech market. The conglomerate behind this, Carrefour has come up with a solution to create a transparent food transition system wherein they have created ideal storage and information technology.

This was made possible by the IBM Food Trust platform of which Carrefour is a founding member. They are also working closely with Glacian company Coren by regulating the distribution of their products.

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By implementing blockchain, Carrefour manages to become a pioneer in the food transitioning system, allowing it to track an article in all stages of production, transformation, and distribution.

This new food tracking strategy named Calidad y Origen (Quality and Origin), assigns a QR code to each chicken that provides the date of birth, nutrition information, packing date etc.

The QR code once scanned by the consumer’s phone will give them live updates regarding the process eliminating any kind of foul play.

The Food Commercial Director of Carrefour, Jorge Ybarra quoted:

“Becoming the leader in the food transition for all is the ambition of Carrefour and the use of blockchain technology allows us to advance in the realization of this objective, since it responds to a priority of the group: guarantee consumers the traceability of our products with total transparency.”

Another benefit of this process is that the consumer gets well aware of the history of suppliers involved in the entire process.

Distribution departments have benefited a lot from the introduction of blockchain as transparency improved a lot making the entire process less costly by reducing the unexpected loss of capital.

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This technology by IBM gives its customers secure information on the products. With this move, the IBM Food Trust platform succeeds in setting a new global standard for food traceability in every sector of the process chain.

The Glacian Company Coren that partners with Carrefour makes certain products that are sold exclusively through the latter’s new food chain strategy which gives the crypto-world hope that organisations are readily accepting the blockchain.