Cardano Introduces Ada Debit Cards In South Korea

Cardano is a decentralized public blockchain platform which offers cryptocurrency Ada, hand has been hailed by experts of the industry as one of the main players in the market. South Koreans, who have invested in Ada, can now avail a special function from Cardano. They can now buy prepaid Ada debit cards which will be valid for a limited time up until December 4th. This has been made possible by a collaboration between Cardano and leading South Korean payment platform, Metaps Plus. There will be two variants of the card available: one with pre-loaded 100 Ada and another with pre-loaded 1000 Ada.

The entire point of these cryptocurrency payment cards, which are becoming increasingly commom, these days, is that it will allow holders to use their crypto savings in day to day transactions. This is an effort to mormalize the use of cryptocurrency. Use of Fiat debit cards now has become a global occurrence, and crypto debit cards thus is the obvious next step for the crypto sphere. However, that being said, it is but obvious that these cards are to be used carefully with caution as is practiced with the use of debit cards.

According to reports by SludgeFeed, in May last year, the Cardano team had collaborated with Metaps Plus to incorporate Ada into the mobile payments platform, in an effort to bring the digital asset to more than 40,000 stores that now accept payments form the Metaps Plus network.

ADA at press time had a market cap of 921,215,335 USD and was trading at 0.035531 USD making it the tenth biggest cryptocurrency in the space.