Cardano Foundation Backs Yoroi Wallet Initiative, Paves Way For ADA’s Compatibility With Ledger Nano S

According to the latest announcement by Cardano and its “official commercial arm” EMURGO, the Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA) will now officially be supported on the extremely popular crypto hardware wallet Ledger Nano S. This integration is being made possible because of the newly developed Yoroi wallet, created in-house by EMURGO itself.

A blog post published on their official website today tells us all about the newly introduced compatibility and the development of EMURGO’s Yoroi wallet that preceded it. The initiative to develop the Yoroi wallet was funded by the Cardano Foundation. In addition, the project also received a substantial amount of support from Vacuum Labs as its development partner. IOHK’s development team also pitched in with a great deal of help to make the initiative reach its end goal.

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The announcement was a follow-up on what the crypto community knew already, that the Cardano Foundation and EMURGO had been collaborating on this project for a while. The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of EMURGO, Nicholas Arqueros had the following to see about this development:

“I am delighted at this integration finally being released to the public. This is an event that many people have been looking forward to for the past year. I am especially thrilled to see so many teams come together and cooperate on what really is ground breaking news in the industry, and foreshadow many more exciting commercial developments for Cardano in 2019.”

The blog post published by the Cardano Foundation provides crypto enthusiasts with all necessary resources to learn more about Cardano (ADA) itself and hardware wallets, in addition to links for accessing the source code. This will help pro users understand exactly how securely the new wallet has been built and how the integration with Ledger Nano S has been achieved. This helps to emphasize on the much-needed transparency the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain was built on.