Captain Kirk’s New Startup Third Millennia Helps Understand Mattereum

William Shatner, also known as Captain Kirk from Star Trek is now heading his own startup, Third Millennia to help people use and understand the Mattereum protocol.

Mattereum is a blockchain solution for authenticity and legal ownership bolstered by the blockchain . Using microchips and Ethereum, users can validate as well as find out a lot more backstory about the item in question. Shatner had previously partnered with the company.

Shatner wrote a series called Tek Wars; a spin-off of the Star Trek movies. It was adapted for television in the early 1990s. In the opening episode of the show, the digital currency of the Star Trek universe plays a prominent role.
Third Millenia’s objective is to make Mattereum asset transfers simpler for Shatner’s senior citizen peers and non-technical people.

Third Millenia is reportedly being launched in two phases. The first phase will try to ensure the technology works and launch a line of “digital twins.” These are essentially “non-fungible tokens” on the blockchain – one can use ones Ethereum wallet to show off ones real-world collectibles.

The technology merges with the ideas of Lucid Sight, who create digital collectibles for firms like Major League Baseball, and projects like Propellr, which helps tokenize a range of assets.
Michael del Castillo, who spoke to William Shatner, writes:

 “Shatner believes proving an object’s authenticity will help it retain value, but that the ability to prove the story of its past ownership will actually give it value. ”

The second phase of Third Millenia’s launch will involve enabling fast, efficient, and legal transfers of assets on the blockchain.

Thanks to firms like Third Millenia and Mattereum, collectibles of the future will be stamped on the blockchain and authenticated from the beginning. Counterfeiting will become extremely difficult in this case.