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Canadian Stablecoin Is The Newest Entrant In The Cryptospace

With the growth and acceptance of cryptocurrencies, worldwide, it seems that many new ones are coming up regularly. KT is issued in Canada by Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. CADT is a cryptocurrency backed by Canadian dollar with a 1:1 ratio. CADT has deployed a world-leading AML and KYC system, completely complying with Canadian securities regulation.

CADT is the world’s first third-generation blockchain stable coin solution. On the basis of comparison,  the first and second generation stable coin, the third generation achieves more security for the fiat deposit, an improvement on the on-chain issuing mechanism and creates a stable coin more integrated with traditional financial institutions and regulatory laws.

The issuer company issuing the cryptocurrency is a Canadian firm registered and established in Ontario province, Canada. BVC has independently developed a public blockchain – BVC Chain, which combines technical features from Ripple, Ethereum and others. BVC Pay is another product by BVC which includes transactions on digital assets wallet, smart contract, blockchain explorer and decentralized exchange platform. Through BVC Pay, users will be able to buy one CADT with one CAD then transfer CADT into their digital wallet. Users can also transfer their CADT from their own digital wallet to the BVC wallet and get an equivalence CAD in return. The BVC Pay is already downloadable on Apple Store and other platforms.

It is for the very first time that CADT will have “Advanced Deposit & Issuing” features. This means any clients who have submitted a proper KYC and adhere to the AML regulations will be able to deposit CAD into their sub-account, and once the action is confirmed on blockchain they will acquire CADT automatically, giving transparency to their assets. In the future, through BVC Pay users can use CADT as a payment method in Canada at retails, online shops, public service and on other occasions. CADT can also be used in transaction and settlement with other mainstream cryptocurrencies.