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Can Ripple Dominate The Cryptocurrency World

Ripple is set to dominate the world of cryptocurrency and is giving its rival Bitcoin a very stiff competition indeed. The CEO reveals why!

Ripple is steadily surging in price and is set to take on the market by a storm. The CEO of Ripple is super sure of its success, so much so that he even says that Bitcoin is a thing of the past now. So, what makes the CEO so confident about Ripple’s success?

Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse shares his thoughts and pride on the constant rise in the popularity of Ripple and says, “The reason why XRP is unique is, it settles in three seconds, so I’m not taking risks on the kind of volatile where bitcoin take hours.”

The cryptocurrency world is new and fast. It keeps inventing and reinventing itself through the introduction of new technologies and novel concepts. XRP, which is the cryptocurrency of Ripple, seems to have several benefits over the cryptocurrencies in the market today. While countless cryptocurrencies continue vying for that most-treasured market share, Ripple sure looks like a stiff contender in this race to become a relevant cryptocurrency in the future of this virtual currency commerce.

Ripple has attracted a staggering amount of investment, which is why it is being regarded as the bank’s favorite Bitcoin today.

Mr. Garlinghouse talks about the uniqueness of Ripple and says, We’re about a thousand times faster than bitcoin and a thousand times cheaper than bitcoin to settle a transaction. A lot for the speculation that’s gone on about XRP lately is people realizing bitcoin is not going to be the kind of panacea of all things blockchain we once thought it would be. Instead, you’re having vertical specific. XRP is solving a payments problem, and it’s very efficient to do that.”

Given the wide acceptance of this cryptocurrency by users and banks throughout the world, the future of Ripple sure seems bright in the future of cryptocurrency commerce.