Craig Wright Disappears from Twitter

Calvin Ayre Comes In Support of Craig Wright With “Jesus” Analogy To Prove He is Satoshi

Craig Wright’s notorious plan of sending threatening letters to those who called him out for his lies has backfired severely. In the aftermath of the letter, major services and exchanges have delisted BSV token form their service list to show solidarity for those who were threatened with a lawsuit by Craig.

Now after the delisting by Binance, ShapeShift, Krake and other crypto services, the community is divided over whether the decision of cornering BSV and Craig Wright is ethical or not. This has led to a war of words among the community members with few supporting Craig while others feel the delisting was on the cards and it was the only way to teach Craig a lesson.

Amid all the controversy and drama Calvin Ayre, a BSV proponent has come out in support of Craig Wright and believes he indeed is the real Satoshi. The Canadian billionaire has been a long term supporter of Craig and recently made a series of tweets in Craig’s defense. In one of those tweets, he used a rather bizarre analogy involving Jesus to prove his point. He took Jesus and the Catholic church to portray the act of Binance against Wright. His tweet read,

“Imagine how the Catholic Church would react to Jesus showing up today.  that is how the high priests of the crypto world are reacting to Craig wanting to now prove in court that he is Satoshi. They are horrified about what he thinks of their stupid plans.”

Ayre also let his displeasure known over the delisting of BSV token by Binance claiming that the BSV token is far more technically superior than the Binance exchange. He also said that the delisting might attract a global regulation for crypto exchanges.

The delisting by Binance came in as a shocker to many as prior to the recent event, Craig has been known for being cocky and making statements that offended a majority section of the crypto space. Even during the infamous hard fork after BSV network recognized two of its own block, many exchanges threatened with delisting, but it never happened.

The Binance saga came in as a shocker for many since it is one of the most renowned and well-known crypto exchanges and it had quite a deep working relation with BSV network despite the controversy.