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BTC to move to $10,000, says the Bitcoin Price Analysis

The recent surges in crypto markets have shown a different trend of the bullish and bearish run when compared to the nine months long run for the market since its peak in January. The most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin is trading at $6,764.33. Also, the recent series of the event in the cryptomarket is proving to be a healthy sign towards the growth of cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s XRP, one of the worst cryptocurrency performer for the year, the currency last Friday shook the whole world when its value grew by 80% of its initial adding value. The opening price of 45 cents per token on Friday, XRP hit a high of 77 cents, meaning its market capitalization of around $26.8 billion which helped it surpass the Ethereum and to become the second most valuable cryptocurrency.

The reason behind this surge was rumoured of a potential new product developed by Ripple called xRapid. xRapid is targeted at helping banks speed up transactions through the use of cryptocurrencyXRP.

Bitcoin Cash has also given a similar essence of the market as BCH gained on the news of Bitmain going public with its IPO filing. BCH is the world’s 4th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of over 9 billion with a trading volume of about 1 billion on daily basis.

The world’s 4th largest cryptocurrency has a market cap of over 9 billion with a daily trading volume of about 1 billion. Bitcoin Cash has been trading at $528 while enjoying the 24-hours gain of over 18 per cent. In the past two days, BCH has risen more than 23 per cent.

The spike in LTC was also seen as it broke its minor trend line. The government trying to put efforts on the formulation of the new regulation to flourish the blockchain technology and consequently cryptocurrency. It seems the coming months surely hold good for the bullish run of the cryptomarket.

BCT is foretold to make another impact as it looks like the bad days for the crypto leader have passed. The current value $6,764.33 per USD for Bitcoin is to grow next to $7000 and soon to $7,500 quickly. BTC may go a high of upto 10k in the coming three or fourth months. This may be the expectation or evaluation based on previous trends and the charts, however, it is up to the market to dictate what will happen.