Brian Brooks

Brian Brooks appointed as Chief Legal Officer of Coinbase

This will include Coinbase as a founding member of the Blockchain Association, a non-profit trade association based in Washington DC which will serve as the unified voice of the blockchain ecosystem. The program also includes managing the Coinbase Political Action Committee.

Brian Armstrong, the Co-founder and CEO of Coinbase said that the appointment of Brooks was coming at a critical time in the regulatory crypto environment.

A statement from Armstrong said, “In recent years, the industry expanded faster than we could have imagined with an explosion in customer demand and entrepreneurial activity pushing the capabilities of the ecosystem forward.

“As this trend continues, it is more important than ever that we contribute to a public policy and regulatory environment that fosters innovation while protecting investors.”

Brooks has held a number of legal roles at reputed firms. In his previous profession, Brooks served as an Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Fannie Mae, the largest financial institution in the United States. He has also acted as a senior advisor to the Chief Executive Officer of Fannie Mae and its Board of Directors. Brooks has held many responsible positions at presumed firms having the legal offices.