Breaking Down Blockchain Barriers

Breaking Down Blockchain Barriers with Greenfence

At the GFSI 2019 Conference, before an audience packed by top brands and retailers of the world, Greenfence made an announcement on its upcoming journey to democratise blockchain tech.

Mitch Chait, founder and CEO of Greenfence, said –

“For blockchain-based farm to fork traceability and transparency to work, the technology must be available for use by the masses.”

In less than 15 mins, the audience was shown how they could deploy an industrial grade enterprise blockchain solution without the help of the 3rd person or middleman. Using all the steps to grow, the audience was shown how they could build their supply chain themselves and then define it live on the blockchain in just a few minutes.

In an interactive section of the presentation, the audience was welcomed to participate as a farmer, retailer and shopper. They were invited to scan the QR codes to interact with the blockchain they created and see the journey of every ingredient from farm to fork.

This even demonstrates how simple it is to implement a recall in just a matter of seconds, or even issue coupons to the customers through the Smart Promo mobile application.

Panel Discussion

The presentation was followed by a panel discussion among two personalities who shared their views on the new solution.

Anita Scholte Op Reimer, who had recently led a blockchain initiative at Ahold around their orange juice supply chain, said –

“It’s the first time I have seen it and it is very impressive. I’ve never seen anything like this; it certainly is ‘blockchain made easy!’ As a retailer, we always think about the customer; food should be safe, healthy, and nutritious. Customers want to know more about the origin and ingredients of the products they buy. From what I saw this morning, everything is in there and it is very intuitive and easy to use.”

Mark Overland, Director of Global Certification from Cargill, said –

“We’ve worked with Greenfence for about three years; I would say that Greenfence does is pretty remarkable with the things that they have been able to break ground on.”

Mitch Chait said –

“This morning, we feel that we have sparked an evolution to democratise blockchain. We wanted to be very specific in terms of putting it into the hands of the actual users.”

Chait proceeded to explain that for blockchain to achieve a massive mass adoption across global supply chains, everyone along with supply chain needs to be able to manage, configure and use it, as well as afford it.

Chait summarised –

“You don’t need consultants to deliver blockchain. Through this ground-breaking approach, we can provide local and global citizens with the tools to track and trade across highly complex and fragmented supply chains with the efficacy and security of blockchain.”