Brave Browser

Brave Now the Most Popular Browser of Crypto Community

Becoming the most popular browser of the cryptocurrency community, Brave was able to conquer this demanding audience. It was because of its unique philosophy of using blockchain to change the way people conceive the entertainment and content distribution industry.

However, the rest of its features are so attractive that Brave Browser did not just grow within the community, but it has already become one of the Top 3 mobile browsers with the most downloads at a global level.

Brave recently dethroned Google Chrome browser from its privileged position as the 2nd browser on the list for a short period. Currently, both the applications are competing for the silver medal, though neither of them has so far been able to be a significant competitor to Mozilla Firefox.

BAT Measures How Popular Brave Browser is

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency developed by Brave to be used as a mechanism to transfer value via the browser. The notion is to reward users for viewing content while rewarding the creators for their work, which leaves aside intrusive practices like unauthorised advertising, data tracking, and so on.

Throughout the year, BAT grew as fast as its parent firm’s browser. The fact that it was listed by Circle and Coinbase strongly stimulated its trading, while increasing its market capitalisation; however, it’s currently experiencing a significant correction that could take its value to the levels close to the band of $0.25 – 0.30 per token.

The Dissenter is the New Competitor

For complying with its philosophy, Brave is planning to use BAT (Basic Attention Token). This alternative crypto coin is top-rated, not just for its philosophy but because it offers excellent profit opportunities for the traders.

Though not everyone agrees with the idea, a lot of BTC maximalists don’t like using altcoins; thus, they would have preferred the favourite browser for being powered by the undisputed Crypto King – Bitcoin (BTC).

For this group of individuals, the GAP team developed the Dissenter Browser, which is a fork of Brave browser that extracts certain unnecessary features while leaving the best of the browser.