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Bomb Threat Issued To Crypto-mining Company Kryptovault in Response To Rising Noise Levels

BTC Wires: Kryptovault, a cryptocurrency mining firm that doubles as a data centre, has recently been threatened with a bombing and sabotage in the wake of increasing number of complaints against the company, for generating a great deal of noise during its crypto mining work. A company based in Norway, Kryptovault had earlier received some objections at the excessive amount of noise that is made while it carries out cryptocurrency mining, from disgruntled locals. The firm had even gotten into a conflict with the people who live near two of its facilities in Dale and Honefuss. The company has three main facilities, third one being a comparatively safe establishment in a fenced region in Follum.

The threat issued reads ‘”This is sabotage” in its very first line and goes on to state that if the firm continues to expand its mining operations and making the country a noisier place to live in, they will be held accountable for sabotaging the peace of the nation and its people. The sender of the letter concludes by saying that he or she is directly threatening the company to send them explosives to dismantle their facility and stop them from creating a ruckus.

Kryptovault’s managing director Gjermund Hagesaeter, while talking to local journalists, said that the company had immediately lodged a complaint with the police, being extremely uncomfortable at having received such a threat. He added that they’re treating this issue with a lot of seriousness and have asked the police to investigate and find out whether any action should be taken. While the firm is more secure about its facility in Follum, situated in a fenced area, they are worried that intruders might break into one of their facilities at Dale or even the one at Honefuss, where the initial conflict with the local residents had occurred. Everyone has been warned to be as careful as they can possibly be and hold on to the motto of constant vigilance while they work in these two facilities.

Mr. Hagesaeter stressed on the fact that employees had been warned to always be on the lookout for any activity that may be out of the ordinary. The workers at the Dale facility have been directed to be extremely careful. If any anomalous activity is noted, employees have been directed to immediately evacuate.

The acting investigator of Honefuss police, Lisbeth Edvardsen has said that the local police authorities are treating the issue rather gravely and are trying to find out what should be done in response to such a bomb threat.

The threat comes at a time when Government authorities are also not the most welcoming to the crypto industry, with the Common Council of the city of Salamanca, New York, recently having passed a law with unanimous affirmations to impose a moratorium on commercial crypto-mining in their city.