Bloq Labs Release Mining Software Suit To Double Hashrate

Bloq Labs, a blockchain organization has recently introduced a beta version of a new software suite for cryptocurrency miners called Titan. This development was announced by Bloq co-founder Jeff Garzik at the recent Binance conference in Singapore. He claims that this protocol can maximize a mining machine’s hashrate by double digits along with thoughtful configuration and dynamic adjustment.

Bloq Labs which was launched by Bloq in 2017 aims to support open source projects in the bitcoin and blockchain ecosystem. The company’ CEO, Jeff Garzik said that Bloq Labs has made a waiting list for miners who are willing to participate in Titan’s beta testing. The Titan protocol, a software suite will be overseeing the cryptocurrency mining infrastructure. Bloq Labs claims that is configured correctly, Titan will increase a mining pool’s hash power “by double digits.”

“Titan gets the most out of your machines,” explains the software’s website

Titan has already initiated its waiting list for beta trials.

According to Titan CEO Ryan Condron, the project has been functioning in stealth mode for quite some time now and says the software will help in transforming crypto mining to an easier, more profitable, and more scalable process. Titan has, as per reports opened its beta waitlist to the public and at press time there were 71 registrants. The Titan program is free to install but the company will be gaining profits from the advanced hashrate production.

Titan can be tethered to an entire mining farm and be used to improve watt extraction as well as provide further optimizations like enhancing overclocking through a proficient system of machine learning. The team is hopeful that the large mining facilities will be attracted to Titan’s offerings.

Other than these advantages, Titan’s software will also be able to mine multiple cryptocurrencies with different consensus algorithms. The protocol will increase the devices’ shelf life and cut operation costs by keeping machines up to speed. Titan’s website also explains that less downtime in the mining industry equals more money.

Titan CTO Kyle Howlett said,

“[Titan] is a fully integrated and comprehensive software suite that not only utilizes existing tools but adds a whole new layer of automation and optimization onto any mining operation.

Condron then explained by saying,

“The fact is, managing mining hardware is a very manual process — Not only do you have to individually access and configure each device, but you must continually monitor and adjust your devices to make sure that they are online and mining the most profitable coin… Additionally, there’s the balancing act of managing operational costs and physical infrastructure concerns, such as electricity costs, wire management, and heat dissipation.”

One of the leaders of The Titan project is also the creator of the cryptocurrency mining profitability website Coinwarz Kyle Howlett. The project’s CTO has been creating mining tools for better ROI since 2012 and he is of the opinion that this new software will be taking things to the next level.

As emphasized by Howlett, if configured properly with a mining farm the Titan software will be bringing plug-and-play capabilities to mining. The organization also provided that it has a slew of new optimization features which will be gradually disclosed in the coming months.