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Blockstack Updates Community on Q4 2018 Developments

The Blockchain-based software company Blockstack released its ecosystem update for 2018’s fourth quarter on February 2, 2019.

Blockstack is the company behind the Blockstack Browser. This browser enables users to keep their data secure.

According to the published report, in Q4 2018 Blockstack successfully doubled its apps. The company anticipates a similar performance this year as well.

The biggest achievement for the software company last year was the launch of their custom Blockchain network, called Stacks. The innovative Blockchain aims to trump Bitcoin as the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

As per the CEO of Blockstack, Muneeb Ali, the Blockchain project was able to achieve its first milestone with the unlocking of USD 25 million.

Two Stacks Improvement Proposals are already available on Github.

At the end of 2018, Blockstack also released some complementary services for the Blockchain, including the Blockstack Explorer and the Stacks website.

With Blockctsack Explorer, users can search for various transactions, blocks, and addresses.

According to a white paper published by the company, Blockstack believes that the internet is ageing as it was developed at least 40 years ago. Hence during 2018, Blockstack focused on the enhancement of Internet Technologies as well as the development of the decentralized Blockchain network.

The primary goal of the company is the creation of an innovative Blockchain-based internet system. Such an internet would be immune to the deadly DSN and DDoS attacks.

Blockstack claims to be entirely decentralized. The developers of the company are focusing their efforts on creating an ecosystem where the ownership of application data is in the hands of the users.

More information from the update highlights that Blockstack has added more members to its team of contributors, including Saurabh Pathak, Matthew Little, and Prof. JP Singh.

The trusted Stacks Wallet is set to provide Stack holders with the ability to transact in tokens in a secure manner.

Also revealed in the update was the 100 per cent growth shown by the App Mining Pilot over the quarter. The number of apps has risen to total 46.