Blockshow Europe’s Winners

The Blockshow Europe Conference 2018 recently announced their winners in this year’s event in Berlin. The conference has awarded the top women and companies in the blockchain industry and released a rating on the most crypto-friendly European countries. A poll was conducted to determine the winners, using the first blockchain-powered polling app, Polys. The most influential woman category along with the best blockchain companies category saw votes coming in from 2000 people.

HIT Foundation‘s Chief Data Officer and Co-Founder, Dr Quy Vo-Reinhard bagged the award for the most influential woman in the industry. Dr Vo-Reinhard’s company encourages individuals to upload their health data into the network by paying them with their token. By doing so, health data is available to all professionals worldwide thus encouraging medical advancements.

HIT hopes to create a platform where people feel comfortable and incentivized to share their health data. Gina Contrino, who leads the frontend development at Lisk, came in a close second place, followed by Manon Burgel, creator of the first cross gaming ecosystem in blockchain and Chief Operating Officer at B2Expand.

On the company front, Bitfury emerged as the leader. The company is one of the largest software and mining equipment producers in the industry. Bitfury offers services like Exonum, Crystal, and LightningPeach, as well as the Blockbox AC and an ASIC Chip.

The Conference released a public rating of the European countries with the friendliest regulations for the crypto industry. Switzerland came in first place, followed by Gibraltar and Malta. Some of the most well-known projects in Switzerland are the Ethereum Foundation, Crypto Valley and ShapeShift.

The United Kingdom ranked fourth, followed by Denmark and Germany. The UK is credited with projects like, BitStamp, CEX.IO, and CryptoPay. Denmark and Germany both stand out for its 0% tax on cryptocurrencies, as well as Portugal, coming in seventh.

The Netherlands, Finland and Belarus, have ranked eighth, ninth and tenth place, respectively. Notwithstanding this rating, Belarus could be the safest place to function in the blockchain industry. The country has declared Bitcoin taxes to remain at 0% until 2023, and Smart Contracts have already been acknowledged as legal documents within its borders.