Blockfolio Announced Its $11.5M Series A Financing Round

Blockfolio is committed to connecting token projects, exchanges and crypto investors through information and data for the benefit of all.

According to the reports, they began their journey in 2014 as the first major cryptocurrency portfolio to track the app to give the price information to crypto lovers on thousands of digital currencies across several exchanges. They expanded on their vision last May with the launch of “Blockfolio Signal”, which is the first of its kind broadcast channel connecting token teams directly with their millions of users.

Series A Financing Round?

Presently, Blockfolio is keen to declare that they have completed a Series A financing round of $11.5M. This round was followed by Pantera Capital including a group of premier investors that span both the cryptocurrency and the globe ecosystem. They have even invited Bitmex and Huobi, the world’s two of the largest exchanges into their investor family.

In addition to Huobi, Bitmex and Pantera, they pride themselves for including the top investment funds in this round, for instance, Nirvana Capital, Block72, Global Blockchain Innovative Capital, NKB Group, Chapter One Ventures, Mayfield Fund, Refactor Capital, Abstract Ventures, Pathfinder, DCM Ventures and Danhua VC.

Blockfolio’s Series A financing will help this company leverage their unparalleled reach to continue innovating as a global leader in the space. This investment essentially enables the firm to follow their belief that quality data and information needs to be easily available and the Blockfolio needs to be completely free to use for all.

They also pride to declare that Paul Veradittakit  of Pantera Capital will be joining the Blockfolio board of directors. Veradittakit’s deep relationships and experience in the space associated with his vision for a ‘connected crypto ecosystem’ made him the perfect fit to help start their company at the board level.

They see the future in which deep community participation will be a significant component in fulfilling the transformative commitment of the numerous blockchain technologies being built. Blockfolio Signal is the beginning of their effort to help this ecosystem move from the era of participation. They have several upcoming innovations in their roadmap that they’re keen about as they will help boost this evolution, and then they can look forward to sharing them with people like you.