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Blockchain Used For Monitoring Saplings Planted in Mass Plantation Drive in Delhi

Since its origin, blockchain technology has found myriad applications in various sectors out there. From healthcare, to tracking supply of goods, to conducting an entire election of an area, blockchain technology has stood the test of time and proved to be immensely beneficial.

India too, has embraced the technology and tried to integrate it into various industries. The Government of Telangana has especially been very proactive in this case, by taking an initiative to develop India’s first blockchain district.

Quite recently, a very noble initiative was undertaken by the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC). A mass plantation drive was organised by the NDMC and under that, around 10,000 saplings were planted. This entire drive took place on 8th September, and it saw participation in large numbers. The amusing fact about this drive was that the municipal corporation used geo-tagging and blockchain technology to monitor the saplings and ensure that they are being cared for properly.

A statement by the NDMC clarified that over 10,000 saplings, 33,895 shrubs, 3,77,650 ground cover plants and 23 palm trees were planted in and around 14 circles of the corporation.

Popular sites in Delhi were inculcated in the drive. Few of the tree species were planted along several roads and in Central Park in Connaught Place. The species included Neem, Peepal, Ashok, Jamun, Arjun and Tamarind.

All the 10,000 saplings will be monitored by blockchain technology and the geo tagging process should be completed by the end of the month. The chairman of NDMC, Naresh Kumar said,

“It would be an innovative idea, initiated by the NDMC first time in the world that would provide an opportunity to monitor the growth of the trees through geo mapping and block chain technology.”

It is a moment of pride for blockchain enthusiasts to witness the contribution of this revolutionary technology in benefitting the environment.