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Blockchain Technology Becomes More Powerful in China

Blockchain technology seems to be a powerful weapon of choice in China’s information war. Chinese premier Xi Jinping is admiring it for its ability to help control society. On the other, Chinese dissidents are fighting censorship by scheduling an interview with a coronavirus whistleblower on the blockchain.

According to state-run media, President Xi asserted that Chinese police have enabled access to a “management and dispatching command panel” to extend the monitoring of several communities.

Xi also believes that the safety of communities, urban areas, the safety of personnel, and the complete city can be secured seamlessly. This provides efficient technical support for the solid fight against the coronavirus. Furthermore, he also dropped a statement that blockchain technology would result in effective social control. Also, it could provide a wide range of access to multiple data on social situations and make it more comfortable for departments to interact and support in decision making.

Chinese social media users were using blockchain technology specifically to consult with doctor and coronavirus whistleblower Ai Fen that had been spotted by the Chinese government. The users are worried to go out of their houses because of the bacterial virus badly spread across the country.

According to CNBC’s report, after multiple attempts to save the interview from suppression along with translating it into Oracle bone script, Morse Code, and emojis- activists have distributed the interview on the blockchain. The interview of coronavirus pandemic is reportedly shared via blockchain technology.

The interview was globally acclaimed on Tuesday after it was officially published on the Chinese Magazine, Renwu. The transcript depicts Fen who is a director of the emergency department at Wuhan Central Hospital- recounting being reprimanded by Chinese officials for raising the alarm of the coronavirus in December.

Fen stated in the interview that if he had come across what was about to happen, he would have hardly cared about the reprimand.

Recently China has lavished praise on blockchain as one of the technologies of the upcoming industrial revolution. But, with its potential and capacity to subvert the ruling party’s wishes, that support might not last for long.