NEM Signs Deal With Journalists’ Union: Blockchain Solution for Copyright Management On the Cards

Recently, an exciting deal was struck in Argentina when the NEM Foundation finally inked an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) with a journalists’ trade union in the country. Together, the two parties are attempting to fashion a new blockchain solution that contributes to the field of journalism by bolstering copyright protection.

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The trade union with which the NEM Foundation got into an agreement is called the CISPREN and is based in central Argentinian city Cordoba.

The MoU, aside from laying down the basis for developing from fresh solutions, also necessitates developing a proper Proof-of-Concept for the same.

In finalizing this agreement, it seems that CISPREN hopes to address issues surrounding intellectual property rights in journalism, emphasizing heavily on copyright protection, stealing content, plagiarism, disputes regarding royalty payments and so on.

German Guismondi, the man who serves as the press secretary of the trade union, reportedly told media houses that the proposed solution will use a blockchain-based system to protect data ownership and copyright.

The writers will be ideally required to upload whatever content they produce on the distributed ledger, that is, the blockchain.

The timestamp of that upload will serve as the indicator of who uploaded said content first. In addition to basic way of ascertaining copyright, the content uploaded will also be protected by a digital signature and a unique QR code, both of which, will set the said content apart.

While, this is indeed an incredible step forward, this is not the first time blockchain has been used to streamline copyright protection and management of content in journalistic publication.

In fact, in 2018, Forbes had tied up with a blockchain company called Civil. That collaboration was meant for Forbes to publish its content on Civil’s blockchain-based, decentralized platform. The idea was to make sure writers could publish their content on the Forbes website and the Civil decentralized platform at the same time.

While bagging a deal with a leading media house like Forbes is achievement enough, Civil followed it up with another coveted collab, this time with Associated Press (AP). This partnership was meant to design a blockchain solution for tracking how media content produced by AP was being used and responded to by readers. AP also made attempts to explore ways to use blockchain in property right protection and promotion of ethical journalism.

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