Blockchain-Powered Mobile Digital Identity Solution on The Cards As SKT Partners With Deutsche Telekom

Two major telecom firms, one from South Korea and the other from Germany, are coming together design a brand new blockchain-powered mobile identification solution. The two parties involved are SK Telecom or SKT, the largest wireless carrier of South Korea, and Deutsche Telekom, the fifth largest telecom firm in the world.

Soon, the two companies are expected to sign an MoU or Memorandum of Understanding formally during the Mobile World Congress (MWC) for this year. Scheduled to be held in Barcelona, Spain from 25th February, 2019, the event will see the sealing of the deal.

The press release from the end of SK Telecom notes:

“SK Telecom and Deutsche Telekom will demonstrate how the mobile block chain ID works through a joint demonstration at the ‘MWC19’ booth. Visitors can obtain virtual IDs using the block chain, use them to enter the booths of both companies, and experience the experience of collecting tokens and exchanging them for prizes through content experience.”

As a result of this collaboration, T-Labs, the Research and Development wing of the two partnering firms, will be developing a blockchain-based solutions for mobile identity meant for commercial use. The product will thereafter be used for use cases such as contracts, access control, dealings etc.

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SK Telecom reportedly stated to the media that it was their strong belief that use of blockchain in bolstering digital identity would pave the way for smoother processing and verification of personal data.

Oh Se-hyun, the head of SK Telecom’s blockchain unit, noted:

“Mobile blockchain identification can be utilized in a variety of areas including logins both online and in offices. Beginning with the latest collaboration, we will further spur the innovation of information and communications technologies.”

Regarding the potential of the technology, the press release notes:

“Mobile block chain identification is still in its infancy. SK Telecom and Deutsche Telecom believe that if the mobile block chain ID is commercialized and activated, it will be possible for travelers traveling between Korea and Germany to use the services of both companies only through simple identification and subscription procedures.In the 5G era, since many devices are connected based on the hyperconnectivity, it is expected that the block-chain-based ID card will be used in a wide variety of fields by extending the concept of identity verification and authentication to the object ID.”