Blockchain In The Digital Economy (BIDE) 2019: Roundup

The largest universities-led blockchain conference in Europe, BIDE, wrapped up a few hours ago at Imperial College, London. BTC Wires was there to cover the event exclusively.

It was a highly stimulating event organized by the London Blockchain Labs that aimed to “foster blockchain adoption and development, teach practical know-how and connect professionals with the UK’s best blockchain talent, policymakers, and business decision-makers.”

The day started off with an opening address by the CEO of London Blockchain Labs, Mr. Federico Rocchi.

Up next, Mr. Jeremy Wilson, Vice Chairman of Barclays, took the stage to give his insights on how blockchain is the technology for the future. He also spoke on the importance of R&D for blockchain.

It was followed by an extremely educational session by Prof. Tomaso Aste. He is the Scientific Director, UCL CBT. He leads the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies. Prof. Aste spoke extensively on blockchain construction, mining and consensus etc.

Up next was a panel of experts discussing the various regulations in the blockchain space. The panelists included Eva Micheler, Reza Zare, Michael Kumhof, Dr. Enrico Rossi, Leila Nassiri-Jamet and Marta Piekarska. These are eminent personalities who are well versed with technology and its modern-day applications.

Immediately after, there was a very important workshop held by the folks at Hyperledger.

The last session was a panel discussion by Alpesh Doshi, Liliana Reasor and Kaushalya Somasundaram who is Head of Fintech Strategy at HSBC.

As the attendees step out of the Imperial College, London after an incredible day, they are now headed to the WireConnect networking dinner which is being exclusively powered by BTC WIRES. Stay tuned for updates from WireConnect.